Ways to Reuse Wine Corks and Turn Them into Priceless Art Pieces

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Wine fridges are used to chill your wine to the ideal serving temperature. And you can find wine fridges in different ranges from standard-sized to small-sized to tall narrow wine fridges. If you do not have such a massive wine collection and you want to store wine bottles all for yourself then a mini wine cooler fridge will be enough to meet your demands.

With the wine cooling system, some people like to have some wine accessories such as wine glasses, wine racks, corkscrews, carafes, champagne stools, tall bar stools and all that jazz. Some people reuse the wine corks and turn them into priceless art pieces that can be used for different purposes.

Here are some DIY drudgeries that give an aesthetic appeal to your place.

Cork trivet

Trivets are convenient for your favoured dining table or kitchen counters. You need to collect excessively enough corks to make a cork trivet to top up your container and use a hot glue blob to each cork to hold them firmly in position.

For this, recycle an old photo frame to keep your corks in form, or use a wad of hot glue to make a cork trivet of a freestyle that is wrapped with a canvas ribbon or burlap. With a sharp craft knife, cut your wine corks into half parts.

Place cards

Tie up wine corks with a simple, thin ribbon and upcycle them as a holder for place cards at your successive fine feast evening. On your PC print, print out a few name cards printer and utilize a sharp craft knife to create a space in the awning of the wine cork.

Cork bathmat

Buy a piece of the non-slip rubber carpet backing and crop it to the measure you would like your bathmat to be. Cut the corks cluster in half and then set them onto the backing of a non-slip carpet. Once it gets completed, start glueing the half corks down utilizing a hot glue gun. Leave it for a night to dry and you would have a remarkably useful and exquisite waterproof bath mat.

Jewellery storage

This is a very impressive and useful solution for storing your day-to-day jewellery. Take an old picture frame, then remove the glass, and spray the frame with Rust-Oleum 2X white. Next, attach the wine corks down in rows by using a hot glue gun, they will be utilized to hold your earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You can screw in cup hooks as hangers and dangle the stand up onto a wall or the back of your wardrobe door.

Ornamental cork balls

Have some space on a table or shelf? Try completing the space with one of these painless to assemble, adorning cork balls. This thing only needs a few components and creates a cordial complement to any space.

However, do not throw away wine corks as if they are of no use. They are very useful as they are made of durable materials. They have a spongy quality which makes it painless to recast them into something exquisitely new.