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Tiny Home Concept: A Simple Living Approach

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In recent times, small home living or tiny-home living has become quite popular in the USA. Although the concept of living in a small home originated during the emergency or crisis period in the States, today more and more people have started to embrace this simplistic style of living. There is a common misconception that a small home will not provide optimum comfort to the residents of the house. While the truth is, modern-day small homes are well-equipped with all the necessities that a small family requires without creating the burden of any excessive costs.

What is a small home?

A small home or tiny home is typically built around 2500 sq ft. A few tiny homes are also built under 1000 sq ft. Whatever amenities are installed in the house are all small-sized enough to serve a family of four to six. The rooms are small, with not many gaps in between. Generally, there are no spaces for corridors, service rooms, balconies, or large living spaces. Everything installed or placed in the house is compact. The small home concept teaches individuals the basics of living a simple lifestyle while not compromising on any daily necessities. Let’s have a look at the various benefits that the tiny home concept offers.

Tiny Home Concept

Benefits and perks of living in a small home

The following are the benefits that small home living offers:

●       Easier to find and purchase

In the USA, it’s quite tough to find and purchase a luxury or large apartment, whereas tiny homes are built in every corner of the state. Hence, one can get a wide variety of tiny homes or small homes in the States to choose from.

●       Easy to maintain and clean

The overall floor area of small homes is pretty small compared to regular apartments. As a result, it’s much easier to maintain and clean. As the number of furniture and amenities is less, they will not accumulate much dirt.

●       Pretty much cost-effective

From every end, small homes are cost-effective. Small homes do not have many amenities and electronic items. Also, as the area inside the house is smaller, electricity consumption is also smaller. One can save a lot on utility bills at the end of the month. The overall cost of living in a small house is much less compared to regular apartments.

●       Embraces minimalistic lifestyle

The simpler one’s life is, the happier one can live. With more and more amenities and facilities, people have made their lives more complicated. As human beings start relying on machines, the dependency is increasing. As a result, one’s capability to do a task all by oneself is somewhere diminishing. A small home teaches individuals to be self-sufficient and lead a simple lifestyle.

●       Allows family members to stay connected to each other

Small homes have small rooms that are closely connected to each other. As a result, there is not much space for privacy. This allows family members to stay more attached to each other.


When it comes to simple, hassle-free living, the small home living concept is the best option to invest in. This particular style of house promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle and contributes a lot to society.