The Durability of Tar and Chip: A Long-Lasting and Resilient Surfacing Solution

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A Long-Term Paving Solution for Your Property

When it comes to choosing a surfacing option for roads, driveways, and car parks, durability is something that any property owner will want to prioritise. Tar and chip is a surfacing technique that has gained a reputation for its remarkable robustness. So, if you are looking for an investment that is going to pay off in the short and long-term, then tar and chip could be the perfect option for you.

Strength and stability

Tar and chip surfaces are highly resilient by design. The combination of hot liquid asphalt and aggregate chips creates a robust structure that can stand up to heavy loads and lots of traffic with ease. The asphalt acts as a binder, holding the aggregate chips together and giving strength to the surface. The chips, when compacted into the asphalt, further enhance the surface’s resistance to cracks and potholes.

Weather resistance

Tar and chip is able to remain strong and durable in the face of diverse weather conditions. From scorching summer heatwaves to adverse conditions such as snow and ice, tar and chip surfaces have proven to be highly resilient. It can expand and contract with temperature changes without its integrity being compromised. In the UK, where the weather is anything but predictable, this is nothing short of ideal.

Adaptability to substrate movement

Roads and driveways are subject to movement caused by factors such as soil settling, freeze-thaw cycles, and natural ground shifting. These are all part of the rhythm of nature, and you can’t do anything to stop them. What you can do is opt for tar and chip. Its flexible nature allows it to move with its underlying base, reducing the likelihood of cracks and other structural damage. This flexibility contributes to the longevity of tar and chip surfaces.

Resistant to wear and tear

The textured nature of tar and chip surfaces aids their durability. The aggregate chips embedded in the surface provide excellent resistance to wear and tear caused by vehicle traffic and footfall. This helps to distribute the load, lessening the impact on the underlying asphalt layer. Overall, this extends the lifespan of the surface, even under extremely heavy usage.

Low maintenance requirements

Another testament to the durability of tar and chip is how little maintenance it needs. Tar and chip generally require less maintenance compared to other surfacing options, with an occasional sweep working wonders rather than any kind of professional cleaning. This aspect makes it an attractive choice for property owners not only looking for a long-lasting finish but one that will help them to save money too.

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Together, tar and chip’s ability to withstand weather fluctuations, adapt to substrate movement, resist wear, and tear, and require minimal maintenance makes it one of the most durable materials for driveways. If you want to find out more about tar and chip and how it could work for your property, please get in touch with our team today.