It is one of the main wine producers in the world, which means that you are in a highly competitive sector, where differentiation is the key.

In this sense, Digital Marketing must be considered as part of the general strategic planning of wineries.

Having an e-commerce is not enough. In addition, different strategies must be implemented where positioning, social networks and content management are developed.

Do you want to take your winery to the next level? At QMKC we help you create a 360º comprehensive marketing plan.


  • Corporate identity
  • Web design
  • Positioning
  • Advertising campaigns / online marketing
  • Increase online & offline prestige and reputation.
  • Creating content
  • Video Marketing
  • Digital consulting
  • Social Media
  • Organization and participation in fairs and events

Bodega La Via, associated with Anecoop Bodegas, has trusted QMKC to launch a campaign this Christmas with its flagship, Venta del Puerto wine.


If your question is whether Marketing in the Real Estate Sector like Tajarat properties works, our answer is clear, YES.

About 3 months ago when a promoter visited us with the project in hand, the first thing we did was develop a series of consulting meetings. We wanted to emphasize that to minimize risk we should make an initial effort to tailor our promotion as much as possible to the need of demand. Therefore, we had to do a good market study.

We review with them all the details of the basic project. We had an overview of the development and the common areas, the type of housing and the product mix that they had designed with the team of architects.

After carrying out a study of the market, the competition and potential clients, and a digital audit, we gave the promoters a series of improvements to optimize the product mix and bring it much closer to what the demand required. And so, he did, betting on marketing from the beginning.

Working from the beginning of the project with a client who is involved and who believes in the team he hires is motivating. Employing the digital marketing tools at our disposal today is essential to be able to know the maximum amount of information and to be able to adapt the product mix to the maximum demand, both in the home and in the common areas, that the target audience demands.

Today we can know the opinion of potential consumers and adapt as much as possible to what they need or seek before launching the promotion. It is what we could call, a kind of real estate Cambridge Analytics.

Once we have determined the product, it is time to make it attractive.

You have to work on a good brand design, some good renderings, some good plans highlighting the key aspects that the market study gave us and reinforcing it from the marketing point of view.

So it was. A good staging accompanied by a 360º campaign where we use offline and online actions in order to provide the promoter’s sales team with effective contacts.

Strategy is as important as operation. What we like most about projects is executing to the end what we have proposed in the operational project.

Once again, the promoter trusted our team.

Behind the marketing effort, we have an excellent sales team. It is useless for us to make a good effort in recruitment, if our sales staff is not qualified to finish the sale.

The result, 86.6% of reservations in just 45 days and the start-up of Phase II.

Many can say that everything is the result of the change in the situation in the real estate sector. It may or may not be.

You want to know more?


In recent years we have seen the birth rate drop alarmingly. In 2017, had the lowest birth rate in 40 years. This is data that scares, and that worries the directors of educational centers when they see how their classrooms are emptied and many nursery schools have to close their doors.

If we add to this problem the offer of public, private and subsidized centers …

We are faced with a new reality, those years where demand exceeded supply and there was a queue to enroll in a school are over.


Investing in Marketing and Communication is no longer a possibility for private and concerted schools, it is an obligation if you want to survive in this situation where there are fewer and fewer children.

It is important to know our competition and get to know our center, and thus achieve differentiation from the rest and value the educational project of the center.

Once we have carried out the analysis process, we must propose the Strategy and the Operational and Investment Plan to achieve the objectives set.

Thus, we observe how more and more centers are betting on Marketing to publicize their offer and highlight the pillars and values that characterize the center.


At Quality Marketing Contents we have extensive experience in the educational field. We have led projects for private schools, British private schools, charter schools… all over the country.

Our CEO, Alfredo Ferraro has extensive experience in the sector and is one of the most prestigious professionals with a clear differentiation from other competitors.  ties in with the centre’s enrollment goals.

“In recent projects for private schools’ ratios have reached 30% increase in enrollment for a course”, says Alfredo. “Our differentiation lies in our total involvement in the project. Personally, I participate in the strategic definition part of the project and together with the team we work with the center executing the Operational Plan of the Course to achieve the set challenges”.

Thanks to digital communication and the inbound marketing technique, we value the educational project of the center to achieve the enrollment objectives.


When we start an educational project, our first mission is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the center, both internally and externally. Together with a detailed study of the competition, we specify the strengths and weaknesses of the college, university or nursery school.

Next, we propose realistic objectives and a specific execution time. Thus, we establish a strategy that helps us achieve the goal set, always bearing in mind that we must be different and creative and take care of the image and identity of the center at all times. For this we must define a good Content Plan.

Through 360º campaigns we combine online and offline actions to reach our target audience. Open days, conferences, quality content on social networks, online and offline advertising … The center must be made known through all available channels!

Finally, we do not forget the monitoring and analysis of tasks throughout the process to observe what is working and to be able to correct what is not achieving what we want.

Do you want to increase the enrollment of your educational center? Do not miss the opportunity that Digital Marketing offers you. At Quality Marketing Contents we will help you achieve your goals!

If you are interested in optimizing the registrations of your center, send an email to Alfredo Ferraro.


New technologies and social networks mean that we are subjected to hundreds of advertising stimuli in newspapers. All the changes that occur in this area mean that we must be updated and in constant training if we want to increase our reach in marketing campaigns.

Faced with this situation, new ways of reaching our audience arise, such as integrating the figure of influencers into digital marketing actions to optimize conversions in eCommerce.


What is an influencer and what is it for?

An influencer is a figure that appears in a digital-social environment. This figure, who can be a famous or anonymous person, generates a series of content focused on a specific audience, thus having a community of followers who endorse its content and who enjoy consuming it.


We live in the age of recommendations, in this way the community of followers recognizes the figure of the influencer as an authority on the topics they share, thus generating an active participation by the followers and an exchange of ideas among the community.

Influencers serve as a direct communication channel with potential consumers of our product, since within the typology of each influencer we are in front of a different audience. In this way we can segment our campaign and make it more effective, since we make sure that the end consumer will be interested in our product or service.

We can apply these factors to other types of situations such as brand positioning, loyalty, sales campaign …

Having influencers has advantages, such as the humanization, proximity and credibility of the brand, since people trust other people who are in a similar social environment. This means that if an influencer agrees with a product, the community will be more inclined to try that same product.


How do I detect them and how do I avoid them?

But beware, there are also fake influencers. These are false accounts that sell the same services that a legitimate influencer can offer, the difference between one and the other is that the false influencer will not provide you with leads or sales, since as we have said before, they are false accounts that buy false followers.

We can avoid these accounts through a series of steps:

– Nothing official: false influencers do not usually have the official seal within their profile, since this seal is granted by the corresponding social network and they are usually very strict when granting this accreditation.

– Attentive to comments: False influencers will have a high number of followers, in order to distinguish them from legitimate ones, we will have to analyze the participation of these followers in the publications and content generated by the profile. Watch out for nonsensical comments, very generic comments, inappropriate links.

– Community without quality: false influencers will not give you quality visibility, since the followers you gain by hiring their services are still false profiles and this can cause the loss of prestige and loss of reputation of your brand.

– No sales: if you have contracted with an influencer and a relative period of time has passed and you do not get sales, it is possible that the profile you hired is false.

Therefore, you have to spend enough time to develop the Influencers Plan since it will be fundamental in the business. You must choose an influencer with values ​​consistent with the brand and identity of the company, and work with them on a commercial and content strategy.

The credibility and confidence are key to position a brand and choose the right influencer can help. At Quality Marketing Contents we contact different influencers to increase our clients’ sales.